This Program will be a three month unpaid internship leading to a full-time paid position based on performance and how well you meet your KPIs. In this role you will be required to perform the following:

  1. Community Management – Engaging with and growing the company’s followers on social media by interacting and communicating on social media.
  2. Content Creation & Writing – Creating concept posts for Management’s approval and writing copy for social media posts.
  3. Posting – Posting approved creatives on social media along with their captions.
  4. Social Media Calendars – Organising all posts into a monthly calendar each month.
  5. Other content writing – You may be required to write copy for other marketing materials such as blog posts and website content

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who LOVES social media, can create an aesthetically pleasing feed that is interactive with our followers and will help us stand out from our competitors.

You will be provided with the following:

  1. Canon Camera with 4 different lenses and various equipment
  2. Computer
  3. Access to all Adobe platforms
  4. Working under our Marketing Manager to help guide and empower you to step into a full time position
  5. A great, loving team that is professional and friendly
  6. Constant learning and growth on a daily basis